Your Learning & Development Team’s Daily Work, In One Place 

Collaboration to deliver great training is now a lot less stressful, with no more spreadsheets, scrolling through email threads and having to use legacy software.

Cognota allows your team to manage training intake, project planning, capacity and storyboard design in one place, while generating operations data to help L&D leaders make resource and process decisions.

Simplify training intake for requesters and your team

  • Create standardized training request forms to gather everything you need to know from requesters up front.
  • Provide a dedicated portal to requesters, so you receive all training requests in the same place and format, ensuring none get lost in email inboxes.
  • Collaborate with requesters and the rest of your team by commenting on individual requests and setting status updates.

Centralize training project planning and progress tracking

  • Bring approved training plans and requests into a shared project tracking board.
  • Align the project board to team processes by adding or changing stages to reflect ADDIE, SAM or other frameworks.
  • Clarify priorities and responsibilities by setting dates, assigning team members different roles and tagging them in specific tasks.

Create learning content in minutes through out-of-the-box and custom course templates

  • Build, access and use an unlimited number of templates.
  • Rely on an easy-to-use interface to ensure creating new content is easy for L&D professionals and SMEs alike.
  • Comment directly on content as it’s being built, tagging the appropriate team member, to ensure your feedback doesn’t get lost in disparate documents and messages.

Get data about intake and projects to make informed resource and process decisions

  • Protect your budget by highlighting what L&D has delivered to business partners across the organization.
  • Surface trends, such as request response rate and project completion volume in a given time frame.
  • Know which departments are making requests and getting their learning projects completed. 

FAQs About Cognota

Cognota charges an annual fee for each “User” in the product. 

A “User” is typically any member of your Learning & Development team. That generally includes L&D leaders, managers, training specialists, instructional designers and similar roles. 

Those who need to submit training requests, as well as view projects and files, don’t require a license. So, you don’t have to pay for them.

With that in mind, many packages start at $7,495 per year (five licenses). However, smaller teams certainly buy fewer licenses, whereas larger teams buy a lot more.

As well as project planning, Cognota has features and functionality for:

  • Training intake.
  • Capacity planning.
  • Storyboard design.
  • Data generation. 
  • Integrations with popular Learning & Development software.


In other words, it allows L&D teams to manage their entire Learning Operations workflow in one place. 

Furthermore, customers get access to opportunities such as coaching from CLOs and joining our Slack-based LearnOps community, to get expert advice about improving L&D processes and impact.

The results are stronger collaboration, higher output and insights to facilitate better decision-making regarding L&D focus and resources. 

Project management tools don’t deliver these benefits to the extent Cognota does.

Yes! Cognota allows you to export SCORM files to your LMS or LXP. And if you make changes to those files within Cognota, you can update the content within your LMS or LXP with a single click. No need to re-export and -import!

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