Synapse: Your Training Request Form Solution

Training Request Form

Download your training request form PDF or try Synapse, the learning operations software that lets you build and share training intake forms, as well as use planning, collaboration, design and insight features. It lets you wave bye to libraries of templates and lengthy message threads, housing and accelerating your team’s L&D processes while providing project data.

Training request form template download

  • Covers standard training intake questions, used by most L&D teams.
  • Allows fields to be directly edited by the requester.
  • Is made to be shared with requesters as soon as they ask for it — no changes needed from you.

Synapse for training request intake

  • Build intake forms with a range of fields and requirements.
  • Route all completed requests back to Synapse, linking them to a customizable project planning board.
  • Tag colleagues directly in requests and designs. Clearer communication and feedback!

FAQs about Using Synapse for Training Request Forms and Intake

1. How many training request form templates can I create in Synapse?
There’s no limit. You can create as many form templates as you need, and receive an unlimited number of training requests through the portal.
2. Can anyone in my organization submit a training request form through Synapse?
Yes! How you share the link to your intake portal is up to you. You can limit training request submissions to select business partners, or allow all employees to submit requests.
3. What types of questions can I include in my forms?
There are a lot. You can add multiple choice, text boxes, radio buttons and more to your forms. You can even enable requesters to upload files and include external URLs with their training requests.