Synapse: Your Training Needs Analysis Solution

Training Needs Assessment

Download your training needs assessment PDF or try Synapse, the learning operations software that includes training needs analysis capabilities, as well as planning, collaboration, design and insight features. It lets you wave bye to libraries of templates and lengthy message threads, housing and accelerating your team’s L&D processes while providing project data.

Training needs assessment
template download

  • Includes employee and stakeholder survey templates.
  • Comes with a straightforward gap analysis template.
  • Has instructions, as well as Word version links.

Synapse for training
needs assessment

  • Build, and share, intake forms to assess training requirements.
  • Route all completed requests back to Synapse, linking them to a customizable project planning board.
  • Tag colleagues directly in requests and designs. Clearer communication and feedback!

FAQs about Using Synapse for Training Needs Assessment

1. How do I conduct a training needs assessment using Synapse?
You can use Synapse to create custom training intake forms, including questions you’d typically ask while conducting a needs assessment. For example, “What knowledge gap would this training address?” When a requester completes and submits a given form, your team can review it to ensure there’s a clear need.
2. Can anyone in my organization submit a training request form through Synapse?

Yes! How you share the link to your intake portal is up to you. You can limit training request submissions to select business partners, or allow all employees to submit requests.

3. How many training request form templates can I create in Synapse?
Yes! There’s no limit. You can create as many form templates as you need, and receive an unlimited number of training requests through the portal.