Synapse: Your Instructional Design Storyboard Solution

eLearning Storyboard Template

Download your eLearning storyboard template or try Synapse, the learning operations software that includes training storyboard capabilities, as well as intake, planning, collaboration and insight features. It lets you wave bye to libraries of templates and lengthy message threads, housing and accelerating your team’s L&D processes while providing project data.

eLearning storyboard template download

  • Follows standard instructional design best practices, including space for collaborator feedback.
  • Concludes with a “next steps” section, helping you drive your project forward.
  • Comes as a PowerPoint (.ppt) file.

Synapse for instructional design storyboarding

  • Create custom storyboards using a variety of media in an easy-to-use interface.
  • Comment, and tag your team members, directly in the storyboard. No more lost feedback!
  • Attach storyboards to an integrated project planner, which also links to the initial training requests.

FAQs about Using Synapse for Instruction Design Storyboarding

1. What aspects of the platform are automated, in terms of storyboarding?
When creating storyboard content in Synapse — such as making learning objectives, writing instructional text, adding images and videos, and making knowledge assessments — the learner-facing version of the storyboard is automatically updated and laid out in an easy-to-follow format.
2. How many storyboards can I create in Synapse?
As many as you want! There’s no cap.
3. Can I work on storyboards with team members and SMEs?
Yes! There’s no limit to the number of collaborators you can have in Synapse. You can receive feedback and contributions, directly on a given storyboard, from anyone in the organization you choose to share it with.