Developing Sales Enablement Training that Drives Performance

sales enablement training

Sales enablement means providing your sales team with absolutely everything they need to be successful at all stages of the buying process. From tools and technology to product knowledge and marketing materials, sales enablement training is key to nurturing top-performing sales reps. The training component of sales enablement is hugely important. It presents different problems […]

Why Strategic Training Intake Processes are the Key to Success for L&D

training requests

Strategic training intake is more than just accepting or rejecting whatever training requests may come your way. The expectations on L&D to produce training that aligns with organizational goals and contributes to bottom-line results have been growing. In lots of ways, it’s a good thing. Budgets are higher and executive management is buying into the […]

The Training Intake Process: A Practical Guide


As employees continue to ask for training in the workplace—94 percent of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it invested in helping them learn, according to LinkedIn’s 2019 Workplace Learning Report—L&D departments can quickly become overwhelmed. Further, employees don’t just want any training—they want to be able to choose the learning […]

Top 10 Learning and Development Challenges for 2020

learning and development challenges

It’s been an exciting year for L&D. Learning technology continues to evolve, trends that have been predicted for years are starting to become an accessible reality, and numerous sources report the increasing recognition of L&D’s strategic importance to the organization. As we look ahead to 2020, the time is right to start assessing the top […]

How can SMEs create quality instructor-led training?

instructor-led training by SMEs

It happens to the best of L&D teams – training requests come in and are rejected for one reason or another. Later, you discover that a subject matter expert or lone department are creating their own powerpoint instructor-led “training” on the fly.  You know that the quality of this training is not good enough to […]

HR Tech 2019: The Highlights


As one of the industry’s leading events, the lead up to HR Tech 2019 was an exciting time. This year the conference was held in the beautiful Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, and it didn’t disappoint. Here at Cognota, we traveled down to Vegas not just to attend the conference, but also to exhibit for […]

What is a Learning Assessment?

learning assessment

A lot of time and development goes into a great corporate training course, but the assessment phase is often one of the most neglected areas of the process. Learning consists of action and reflection, and assessment is an important part of the guided reflection that is needed for optimal learning. The most important thing to […]

5 Step Framework for Effectively Crowdsourcing Training

crowdsourcing training

Crowdsourcing is a very effective way to align learning with the speed of business. A properly implemented crowdsourcing system for corporate training can save you a lot of time, increase learner engagement, and lower turnover. We’ve already written about why L&D should be utilizing crowdsourcing. Now, we’re going to show you how to develop a […]

10 Reasons to Crowdsource Training as Part of Your L&D Strategy

elearning content meeting

Using crowdsourcing techniques and technology in your corporate training program can help you improve employee engagement, increase job satisfaction and lower turnover. Not only that, the reasons to crowdsource training will ensure you are delivering the results that your stakeholders are looking for. Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a […]

Proving Corporate Training ROI: 5 Steps to Aligning Learning With Corporate Goals

ROI corporate training

It’s a challenge the learning and development community has been struggling with for years: how can we prove a tangible ROI on corporate training programs? Budgets have increased and studies have shown that the importance of training programs is being recognized by executive level management more and more each year. However, while learning analytics and […]