The problem

In a perfect world, your workforce would only need to be told something once to master it. Cognitive science says that to actually learn something, the brain must build upon existing knowledge and reuse the information over and over. Unfortunately, our brains can be a little finicky, and with competing priorities, adult learners forget about 75 percent of the training.

Our solution

A cost-effective way to build smart, feature-rich scored assessments. With customizable interfaces, smart adaptive testing, and branching already built in, you can hit the ground running and seamlessly integrate assessments into your training.

Intuitive creation

Easily set and score questions on complex subjects across curriculums at all levels with a wealth of in-depth authoring features.

Interactive experience

Smart guidance and support that streamlines development time of immersive digital assessment content in half the time.

Personalized feedback

Keep guidance and support at the heart of learning with hints, distractors and sample answers.

Efficient scoring

Get a deeper understanding of your learners with automation and valuable insights you can act on to make better use of your time.

"It was so easy to invite new SMEs into the system to start collaborating. They could see everything that we already had and everything that we were trying to accomplish in one place."
Learning Specialist

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